The hotel is 16km distance from the island's capital Kos Town and the ferry port.

There are many restaurants, cafes and taverns along the harbor, where a number of colorful yachts and fishing vessels rest. Kos Town is famous for its nightlife and offers a wide selection of bars and night clubs that are open late at night.

Kos Town is also a place of historical interest and has a number of ancient ruins from the Greek, Roman and Byzantine times to display. In the western part of the city you can visit the Roman Odeon, which was built in the 2nd century. To the east is the ancient agora with the remains of temples and Roman fortifications. In the town center, you can find the tree of Hippocrates (plane tree) under which, according to legend, Hippocrates of Kos (considered the father of medicine) taught his pupils the art of medicine.

The castle of the Knights of Saint John is situated at the entrance of Kos harbor on what used to be an island in antiquity, communicating with the inland through a bridge that one can still see even today namely the bridge of “Phoinikon" (Palm Trees) Avenue.